Amita Laddha

“Monalisa… As the name itself means the one with psychic power. She actually has some kind of power… You go to her with
any problem and you will come out completely healed. As living human beings, we encounter times in our lives when we
need someone to help us think, reflect and look at our lives, and the one-stop destination is Mona.
Mona has helped me and my son, who was a hyperactive child, to cope up with all the issues. She has amazing
communication skills and really keen observation.
Her patience level is mind-blowing, and she is super trustworthy. She is super skilled, experienced, warm, emphatic,
thoughtful, creative, and caring and I have had a really wonderful experience with her to date. She also has amazing writing
skills, and her blogs are really worth reading.
Thank you Mona, for being there whenever I needed you, and let me tell you, Lifetime tumhara peecha nahi chodhne wali.
Love you, dear.”

Address: 1302, Vasanta B, Dosti Vihar, Vartak Nagar, Thane West

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