“Monalisa… As the name itself means the one with psychic power. She actually has some kind of power… You go to her with
any problem and you will come out completely healed. As living human beings, we encounter times in our lives when we
need someone to help us think, reflect and look at our lives, and the one-stop destination is Mona.
Mona has helped me and my son, who was a hyperactive child, to cope up with all the issues. She has amazing
communication skills and really keen observation.
Her patience level is mind-blowing, and she is super trustworthy. She is super skilled, experienced, warm, emphatic,
thoughtful, creative, and caring and I have had a really wonderful experience with her to date. She also has amazing writing
skills, and her blogs are really worth reading.
Thank you Mona, for being there whenever I needed you, and let me tell you, Lifetime tumhara peecha nahi chodhne wali.
Love you, dear.”

Amita Laddha

Urban designer at Nirmallifestyle Builders

“I came across Monalisa while she had been tutoring my daughter. I witnessed her relentless efforts to guide her students
not only in study but to cope up with their teenage behavioral issues in a very seamless manner. She is truly an inspiring
personality for her students clients.

she had been very helpful in career counseling and ranking the appropriate college for admission in Mumbai University and
across d globe.

Her domain is career counseling, psychology e economics. she quickly gets to the core of the psychological problems of her
Clients seeking career counseling to provide tenable resolution. Choosing the right career is vital for students and the right
career counseling is a must where she helps with her deep understanding.

Ajay Sharma

DGM- Corporate Finance at JSW Energy Ltd.

“Monalisa Singh is my go-to advisor whenever I am in need of honest advice. I make sure to reach out to her as she is the best at it. Her easy-going nature and truthfulness make her even more approachable. She is truly dependable and I highly recommend
her for child counseling be it personal or career-oriented.”

Sujay Dixit

Vice President (Incubation & Excellence) at Tata Institute of Social Sciences

“Mona has a friendly trusting nature. It makes it comfortable to open up to her early,
making the therapy sessions extremely smooth and effective.
We were able to delve into the issues scientifically via sessions and homework
assignments, and thereon apply some simple, yet effective methods to relieve my
I’d recommend her to anyone!

Chirag Makhija

IIM Calcutta

“You work logically and understand the problem properly and you don’t make me feel
like you are tired of listening to me and the best thing that you give your 100% to deal
with problems to find solutions so you do your work with honesty and love.
Thank you”


Monalisa Singh’s career counseling has been a game-changer for me. With her guidance, I discovered a passion for entrepreneurship within the realm of finance. Breaking away from the conventional path, I am now pursuing a degree in Financial Technology at Mumbai University. Monalisa’s insights opened my eyes to unconventional possibilities, and I am grateful for the unique direction she provided.

Raghav Kapoor

Commerce Student, Thane

Monalisa Singh’s career counseling transcends the ordinary. She empowered me to see the potential in combining my love for literature with digital media. Today, I am thriving as a content creator, blending traditional storytelling with modern platforms. Monalisa’s support didn’t just guide my career choice but enriched my journey with creativity and innovation.

Aishwarya Deshmukh

Arts Student, Mumbai

As a science student unsure of my path, Monalisa Singh’s counseling was a revelation. She helped me explore the intersection of biology and technology, and now I am pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering at IIT Bombay. Monalisa’s understanding of diverse fields and her ability to align them with personal interests is truly commendable.

Kartik Mehta

Science Student, Thane

Monalisa Singh’s counseling has been instrumental in transforming my career trajectory. Her guidance steered me towards sustainable business practices. Now, I am not only earning my degree in Sustainable Business Management at NMIMS but also contributing to environmental conservation through my entrepreneurial venture. Monalisa’s holistic approach to career counseling has been a catalyst for positive change in my life.

Diya Singhania

Commerce Student, Mumbai

Choosing an unconventional path seemed daunting until I consulted Monalisa Singh. Her insightful counseling helped me blend my engineering background with my passion for the arts. Today, as a successful industrial designer, I owe much of my career satisfaction to Monalisa’s guidance. Her ability to find harmony between seemingly disparate fields is truly exceptional.

Siddharth Patel

Engineering Student, Thane

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