Career counseling is an important step in helping individuals make informed decisions about their future careers.

In India, consulting a career counsellor for foreign career counseling can be especially beneficial for those considering studying or working abroad.

At Hashtag Counseling, we understand the importance of making informed decisions about your future career, especially when considering studying or working abroad. That’s why we offer foreign career counseling services to individuals in India.

Our experienced and highly trained career counselor team, led by Mrs. Monalisa Singh, can provide valuable information and guidance on the different options available to you, including information on different countries, universities, and job opportunities, as well as the application and visa process.

We can also help you identify your strengths and interests and match them to the most suitable foreign career opportunities. This includes guidance on the best courses to study, the best countries to work in, and the best job opportunities to pursue.

At Hashtag Counseling, we don’t just provide information and guidance; we also offer support and guidance throughout the entire process of applying for and obtaining a foreign career opportunity. This includes assistance with applications, preparing for interviews, and obtaining visas.

Our counselors can also advise and support various issues such as finances, accommodation, and culture shock.

At Hashtag Counseling, we provide accurate and reliable advice to our clients. We are bound by strict codes of ethics, ensuring that we provide unbiased and impartial advice to our clients.

In conclusion, consulting with one of our experienced career counselors at Hashtag Counseling can be highly beneficial if you are considering a foreign career. We can provide valuable information, guidance, and support on different options available, match your strengths and interests, and provide support throughout the entire process. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


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