Parenting Issues and Teen Therapy in India


What Is Parenting Issue?

Parenting issues refer to challenges and conflicts that arise between parents and their teenagers, often stemming from differences in values, expectations, and communication styles. These issues can manifest in various aspects of the parent-teen relationship, affecting both parties emotionally and mentally.

Parenting Issues and Teen Depression: Causes

Parenting issues in India can arise from a multitude of factors, including:

– Disputes over the teen’s curfew

Parents may have strict curfew rules that clash with their teenager’s desire for independence and socializing.

– The teen’s choice of friends

Parents may disapprove of their teenager’s friends due to concerns about negative influences or values misalignment.

– Spending time with the family versus with peers

Teenagers may prioritize spending time with friends over family obligations, leading to conflicts with parents.

– School and work performance

Academic pressure or career expectations can strain the parent-teen relationship, especially if there are disagreements regarding goals or methods of achievement.

– Cars and driving privileges

Permission to drive can be a contentious issue, with parents concerned about safety and responsibility.

– Dating and sexuality

Differences in cultural norms or generational attitudes towards dating and sexuality can lead to conflicts between parents and teens.

– Clothing, hairstyles, and makeup

Parental restrictions on personal appearance may clash with a teen’s desire for self-expression and identity exploration.

– Self-destructive behaviors such as smoking, drinking, and using drugs

Concerns about risky behaviors can cause tension between parents and teenagers, especially if there are disagreements on how to address or prevent such behaviors.

How to Choose the Best Online Parenting Issue and Teen Therapist in India

When seeking therapy for parenting issues and teen counseling in India, it’s essential to choose a qualified and experienced therapist who understands the cultural context and dynamics of family relationships. Here are some factors to consider:

– Credentials and Experience

Look for therapists with relevant qualifications in counseling or psychology, along with experience working with teenagers and families.

– Cultural Sensitivity

Choose a therapist who respects and understands the cultural nuances of Indian families, including traditions, values, and societal expectations.

– Approach and Techniques

Consider the therapist’s approach to counseling and whether it aligns with your preferences and needs. Some therapists may specialize in specific techniques or modalities, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or family systems therapy.

– Availability and Accessibility

Opt for a therapist who offers online counseling services, ensuring accessibility and convenience for both parents and teenagers.

– Client Reviews and Testimonials

Read reviews or testimonials from previous clients to gauge the therapist’s effectiveness and professionalism.

At Hashtag Counseling, under the leadership of Mrs. Monalisa Singh, you can expect comprehensive and compassionate support for parenting issues and teen therapy. With Mrs. Singh’s extensive experience and dedication to holistic development, Hashtag Counseling provides personalized guidance to help families navigate challenges and foster healthier relationships.

About Hashtag Counseling

Hashtag Counseling, founded by Mrs. Monalisa Singh, offers professional counseling services tailored to the needs of students and parents in India. With a focus on holistic development and mindful guidance, Mrs. Singh and her team provide personalized support to address parenting issues and empower teenagers to thrive emotionally and academically.

Mrs. Monalisa Singh, an accomplished psychologist with a background in human resource management, brings over two decades of experience to Hashtag Counseling. Through her 360-degree solutions-oriented approach and commitment to holistic well-being, Mrs. Singh has positively impacted the lives of countless individuals and families across India.


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